EACH Counselling and support

Ealing Covid Community Engagement Project

EACH Counselling and support is a charity that was founded in 1991. Since inception EACH have been addressing health inequalities and engaging with local communities, as well as providing counselling and support to vulnerable Black Asian Minority Ethnic communities in Ealing and other parts of West London.

To lessen the impact of coronavirus on local communities and support Ealing Council’s own interventions; in November 2020 EACH were funded by Public Health to develop a consortium of community and voluntary organisations.

As part of the selection criteria, members had to:

  • Be equipped to engage with borough’s ethnically diverse residents
  • Have access to wide networks of local residents and groups with whom they could communicate “keep safe from covid” messages

To this end EACH has selected a range of providers, from community and voluntary sector who have experience of supporting the diverse Ealing communities. The organisations have been funded to deliver culturally appropriate, Covid-centred community engagement activity.

Approved consortium providers will deliver three levels of COVID interventions in order to:

  • Level 1: raise awareness
  • Level 2: increase understanding
  • Level 3: emp0wer residents to protect themselves and prevent the spread of the disease

It is also hoped that feedback from consortium service users will inform EACH Covid Community Engagement Programme as well as that of Public Health Covid response in Ealing.

If you run a community group or voluntary organisation that serves marginalised individuals in Ealing and would like to start initiatives around the described themes we would like to hear from you. For further information and an application form please contact Rosita Tehrani Ealing Covid Community Engagement Manager at rtehrani@eachcounselling

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