About Ealing Community Network

Ealing Community Network (ECN) is a membership organisation open to all non-profit organisations delivering services in the London Borough of Ealing.

The Network was established 2001 and is hosted by a member organisation, as elected through the ECN membership. The current host is Southall Community Alliance.

ECN’s primary role is to ensure that the community and voluntary sector in Ealing has a collective voice and an accountable and democratic consultative body, by which it can agree a collective view on key issues. It communicates these effectively and constructively to strategic partners and vice versa. ECN representatives are elected to key strategic bodies and partnerships.

The Network is committed to growing membership and representation. Download a copy of the ECN flyer here


Through its’ networks, newsletter and meetings, engagements with the local authority and the CCG, ECN can amplify the voice of the VCS in Ealing…

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Ensuring there is an inclusive, independent and ‘collective’ voice for the Community & Voluntary Sector (C&VS) in Ealing by:

Acting as the ‘go to’ strategic consultative & representative body for C&VS organisations in Ealing by:

Acting as a key strategic partner working constructively with other lead stakeholders by: